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What is BioSignature?

BioSignautre Modulation is a body fat testing methodology designed by Charles Poliquin, that is based on the relationship between body fat distribution and hormone imbalances.

Hormone imbalance is often the culprit of stubborn body fat sites and can also be linked to poor health and lifestyle, e.g. poor moods, bad sleep, low energy levels and impaired cognitive function. The good news is hormone balance can be improved through strategies such as refining diet choices and addressing your dietary intolerances using supplements, improving lifestyle choices and more. Once hormone balance is improved, weight loss is assisted.

A good example in the modern world of hormone imbalance and stubborn weight storage is fat in the abdominal region. Many of us live stressful lives and stress in our body releases Cortisol (stress hormone). Cortisol leads to weight gain around the abdominal area. Therefore, mitigate stress and you can improve the chances of weight loss around the abdomen.

For too long the general consensus has been that weight loss is as simple as counting calories and energy in = energy out. Weight loss and improving metabolism is about the quality of the nutrients we consume, and the macro nutrient (protein, carbs, fats) breakdown of our food based on the needs of our daily lifestyle. Improving metabolism is also about improving hormonal balance, due to its effects on the bodies detoxification processes, and detoxification is influenced by our lifestyle; sleep, the toxins we consume in our foods, toxins in the environment, in our cosmetic products etc.

How a BioSignature Assessment Works?

A pinch test is performed on twelve sites of fat on the body. The results are then entered into a software that intuitively shows the body fat percentage and the priority sites.

Using the data an analysis is given, and comprehensive recommendations made to move forward.


Who is BioSignature Suitable For?

 BioSignature is suitable for anyone looking to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Assist and improve their weight loss results
  • Address and assist specific and stubborn body fat sites
  • Calculate their body fat percentage
  • Reduce stress and improve the effect of training programs on the body
  • Eliminate calorie counting diets and fasting diets that can cause extra stress and hormonal damage to the body
  • Have a healthy body fat composition and optimise their health
  • Transition from athlete to elite athlete
  • Sculpt their physique


What you walk away with?

  • An estimated body fat percentage
  • An understanding of the problem areas on your body
  • A methodology to lose weight and try reduce the fat on those specific sites that include;
  • Diet recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Training recommendations and a program if you like