Press Fitness offers a variety of Health and Fitness Services to cater to everyone’s personal health and fitness needs and desires.


Personal Training Ab Roller

Personal Training is a one on one training with the added bonus of flexibility as the gym will literally come to you with Press Fitness’ mobile delivery. A client engaged in personal training can expect an initial health and fitness consultation, followed by an exercise and nutrition program tailored to their specific health needs and fitness goals.

If mobile personal training is not for you, come and join us at Kew Recreation Centre for a traditional personal training session in a fully equipped gym.


 Group Fitnessgroup training

Group Fitness offers you the opportunity to train with a group as small as 2 and as large as 10, again with the flexibility of mobile delivery. Clients engaged in group fitness can expect a fun and energetic circuit style workout with an uncompromised commitment to achieving the best results for each client individually.


Corporate Fitness corporate reduced high

Corporate Fitness is a tailored health and fitness solution that is delivered onsite at workplaces, and at the convenience of the employees participating. It not only makes fitness goals more obtainable by eliminating time constraints, but so too does it act as team building and a morale booster within the professional space.


Health and Fitness Consultations

Health and Fitness Consultations begin with an in-depth assessment of your current state of health and fitness and your desired state of health and fitness, to allow the provision of specific exercise, dietary and supplement programs to get you there. Whilst this is normally delivered in conjunction with the fitness services, motivated clients may find this is all they need on a semi-regular basis to keep their training varied and goal orientated.


Biosignature Assessments

Biosignature Assessments begin with a 12-site pinch test to facilitate the provision of the ultimate advanced weight loss and body re-composition strategies – click here to learn more.