Robert Cole, 69

I have known David Trubiani for three years, since October 2013. David has been my personal trainer since that time.

I came to David only a few weeks after tearing the quadriceps in my left leg. I had only 70 degrees of movement and as a consequence I was very unfit and considerably heavier than I am now. In my first session with David, I experienced considerable pain and accompanying embarrassment. Everything hurt and I could barely get off the floor after some stretching.

After assessing me for more than an hour at our first session, David surprised me by saying that we needed to take things carefully and that the core was crucial. It was clear to me that his physiological knowledge was extensive and he was able to solve pain issues by changing an exercise to one that did not hurt but that still exercised that particular muscle. The more I got to know David, the more I appreciated his passion for optimising his clients’ health and the more I appreciated his commitment to my health goals. He was just as interested in me as he was in his sports clients. He was able to patiently explain why I should do a particular rowing exercise one way instead of another.

My progress has been slow but steady. I have past joint injuries which hamper my progress. I have benefited from advice that David has given on health supplements. I was surprised to discover his knowledge was more than anecdotal and was impressed when I found out how carefully he looks after his own personal health and fitness.

David takes a personal interest in his clients and is prepared to discuss clients’ goals as well as their interests outside of training. He continues to challenge himself professionally and I have often had other people in the gym say to me: ‘Dave knows what he is doing.’

I am grateful to David for the considerable progress I have made and for the way he has taught me to train without further risk of injury.

Although I am three years older I am 25% stronger and much more flexible than I have been for twenty years.


Morag Brennan, 34

Dave has helped and challenged me over the last few years. He has enabled me to not only lose and keep off over 16kg, but also improve my strength and improve specific muscles recovering from injuries and different sport requirements. I have enjoyed the challenging sessions that Dave plans focusing on strength and improvement of fitness. Dave responds and changes sessions as required but always challenges me to the point I walk away feeling not only have I got my moneys worth but have also benefited from the session. I am a keen sports person and as a result have a high level of fitness meaning I need to be challenged and entertained and Dave is able to achieve that enabling me to achieve set goals both in terms of weight loss and strength challenges.


Dr Ron Jithoo FRACS, 48

I have been a client of David’s for two years. I have found him to be knowledgeable and pleasant with a can do attitude. He is dedicated to fitness and reads widely as well as furthering his education with professional courses. This keeps him current in terms of fitness trends.

He enjoys working with people and has a great manner to get the best out of clients with differing physical requirements.

Overall, I would unhesitatingly recommend him for any leadership roles or recognition as he displays passion in achieving his fitness goals.

He is an asset to any organisation.


Glenys Bonanni, 55

David Trubiani has been my trainer since November 2015 he has had complete understanding of my requirements, my goals and my short falls (posture). He constantly monitors every exercise that I attempt to ensure that it is done correctly so that I can get the maximum benefit out of each exercise.

David increases the intensity of each exercise as soon as he sees that it is needed. I am amazed how my strength has improved in such a short time. I find that the 30 minutes I am with him twice a week just fly and I always look forward to the next session.


Gary St. John, 65

In 2012 to 2013 I had the pleasure of working with David Trubiani as my personal trainer for over two years at the Kew YMCA Recreation Center.  We met for a half an hour twice a week. If I were still living in Kew, he would still be my trainer.

I was 61 years old at the start of my training and was suffering back, leg, and foot pain as well as being overweight. David did an assessment of my flexibility and fitness levels and we set about improving my health. I was very impressed with his knowledge of physiology and his ability to use a variety of exercises to address my issues.  The work outs were never the same, appropriately challenging, and fun.  I never felt embarrassed at my lack of fitness or lack of ability.  Over the years I steadily improved in posture, flexibility, strength, and eventually had little to no pain from the scoliosis.

Professionally David was always enthusiastic about my slow progress, on time, and continued to have a friendly yet professional demeanor.  I looked forward to speaking with him while we went through the paces of improving my health.

I give him my highest recommendation.


David Nanayakkara, 53

I am 53.5 years old and I enrolled at Kew Recreation Centre with a PT in early 2011. David was allocated to me and we started with David wanting to understand my fitness goals plus a full fitness assessment.

My 1st goal was to get my fitness and more importantly strength up for the Tour de France riding tour that I had signed up with 8 days of Alps riding as my challenge to celebrate my 50th birthday. While I have been riding for a while I felt that taking up a challenge of the degree of difficulty that I have signed up for required a focussed strength improvement. David developed a great program that was adjusted every 2 months or so depending on my progress. We mixed up leg strength work, quite a lot of abdominal strength work as well as some upper body work as good posture is critical to be able to ride with comfort especially uphill. David also did about 15 to 20 minutes of tailored spinning work that alternated between speed and tough hill workouts. I had one of my greatest holidays fitting of the occasion and I was able to climb some serious and iconic Alps such as Alpe d’Huez, Col du Galibier and Col du Glandon being the top 3.

My next goal was to increase my strength in order to overcome mild back pain that I suffered due to a bulging L5 disc. Yet again David worked through a program that focussed on getting my abs strong enough plus my Gluteal muscles that were weak. Especially my left Gluteal muscles were quite weak and required some focussed attention so not to further strengthen my right. I have been cured of any back pain now for over 4 years.

David also helped me overcome a right knee pain that I encountered due to perhaps some over work including recommending a Physio that I visited.

Final goal was to help me overcome regular fatigue and cold and flu that I suffered due to my current role managing a region that covers countries spanning from NZ to India. Constant air travel, jet lag plus long hours resulted in a cold or flu bouts almost once a month. David worked through an assessment and recommended 3 supplements that includes Multi vitamin with Iron, Magnesium and a Probiotic. Since I have gone on this supplement program over the past 12 to 18 months, I have been able to manage my workload plus good health.

David thank you for managing my fitness and general health goals over the past 5 years.


Alisia Romanin, 32

David is a fantastic personal trainer whose approach continues to motivate me to achieve beyond what I believe I can. He takes a genuine interest in helping me improve not just my fitness level but my general health and wellbeing. Every gym session with David is varied and tailored towards the goals we have set in consultation together and my strength and fitness has improved significantly with his encouragement and support. David is also committed to continuous professional development and has often generously followed up on a range of issues and queries discussed during our sessions; a true sign of passion and dedication. I have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone considering personal training.


David Botta, 56

I have been working with David for 3 months, as I realised I needed to go back to the gym after many years away. David has addressed my specific needs with the programme he has designed but more importantly he has made the gym a place I actually enjoy. This has been done by ensuring that I do the exercises correctly with real focus on the correct technique, variety in the work and by setting real standards that are not easily attained.

I have seen a difference, but know I have only just started as I hear David’s words ring in my ears.


Chris Williamson, 67

David Trubiani has been my personal trainer on a weekly basis at the gym in the Kew Recreational Centre for over a year.

As a retiree I look to gym exercising, both cardio and weights, as an important contribution to my ongoing health and balance and I look to David to prepare and supervise my exercise programme. David always delivers clear and thoughtful instructions and he has a deep understanding of what part of the body each exercise is effecting. David is very clear on what posture is to be adopted for each exercise. David regularly takes my skin folds and other body measurements as a basis for updating my ongoing programme. I find David’s presentation and manner to be very positive and encouraging and enjoy very much exercising under his direction. I have referred David to other people at the gym who have asked for advice regarding a personal trainer. I do not hesitate to recommend David as an accomplished personal trainer.


Jen, 61

David has been my Personal Trainer for the previous nine months. At all times he has been extremely professional in his dealings with me. He is aware that I have a problem with my back and ensures that the exercises that I complete with him are appropriate to my need. Some of these exercises are geared to improve my core strength which assist in improving my back. He ensures that my training sessions are interesting, varied and challenging. David also touches base with me after my physiotherapist visits to see if it necessary to adjust my program in any way. He is extremely personable, articulate and a good conversationalist. Personal training sessions are always good fun, even if they are hard work!